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Bluegrass Environmental will make sure the air you're breathing, in your home or workplace, is conducive to healthy living.


We specialize in Mold Inspections and Mold Testing services as well as Remediation Evaluations and Regulation Compliance, to address issues that can arise throughout the mold remediation (clean-up) process.

Our XactScopes protocols incorporate; detailed project scopes with the latest pricing available utilizing the same software used nationally by Insurance companies and Contractors alike. 

Our primary focus is for the protection of the Customer and that of the Employees performing services from hazardous materials. We continually achieve this by providing both accurate and independent information.


We take pride in our work, following strict procedure guidelines to ensure that each and every client is provided with specific details. Our teams are trained and use the best equipment, ensuring the best possible accuracy each and every time. 

We are passionate about helping people live healthier lives and take pride in doing the job right the first time. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help!


Chad M.

Louisville, KY

During our kitchen remodel project the contractor came to my wife and I and said "we've got some bad news guys". Just like that, we felt the devastation of mold. They estimated the cleanup to be in the neighborhood of an additional $18-22,000.  My father recommended I contact Bluegrass Environmental and thank goodness I did because they ultimately gave us more than we expected. Brian met with me the following day to asses the problem. Boy was I surprised and relived to find out that the black coloring on our subfloor wasn't even mold. Long story short the kitchen was safe but mold was found in our HVAC system. They recommended a mold certified duct cleaning company and for less than $1,000 we sleep without coughing all night and are enjoying our new kitchen that was completed by my father and I after firing the contractor.

Bill C.

Shepherdsville, KY

Here in Florida it's required to have a mold inspection done when purchasing a home. When Kate, my daughter, relocating to Kentucky for work, said she had found a house there to buy, I found out that mold testing isn't standard procedure there. My wife and I insisted on paying for the testing even though it was a new home and the inspector had found no issues. The testing report showed Penicillin levels to be through the roof. Little Elizabeth, our granddaughter, is highly allergic to Penicillin. We're confident that doing the mold testing saved our Granddaughter's life. We are just so grateful for Bluegrass Environmental in Kentucky. They knew what test to do and didn't just take a look at the home as everyone else had done.

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