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Do you have concerns about formaldehyde exposure in your flooring or building materials? Long term exposure to formaldehyde may result in potential health implications. Bluegrass Environmental offers a variety of formaldehyde testing options to monitor both indoor air quality and confirm its presence in bulk materials. 

Formaldehyde is naturally found in nature and its chemical properties have been used as a fungicide, germicide, and general disinfectant. Unfortunately, in addition to formaldehyde's biocide properties, its use has also expanded exponentially to improve building materials. It is commonly used in adhesive formulations and as material properties of some fabrics. 

In the building industry, formaldehyde has been included in treating lumber used to produce particleboard, plywood, and fiberboard. The introduction of heavily formaldehyde-treated lumber in homes can have a negative impact on indoor air quality. Excessive exposure to formaldehyde can produce a variety of health effects and symptoms, including respiratory irritation and possibly some forms of cancer.

How Can Bluegrass Environmental Help You?

Bluegrass Environmental offers a variety of air methods to either actively or passively sample for formaldehyde.

  • EPA TO 11A

  • NMAM 3500

  • NMAM 2016

  • OSHA 1007

  • Head space chamber testing

Contact us now to discuss your analytical options through Bluegrass Environmental!

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